Our Team has put this page together to help the public understand, set up, and use their NOAA Weather Radios. NOAA Weather Radios are critical to have in everyday lives as they deliver alerts in real-time directly from the National Weather Service.

Weather radios sound by counties and not specific geolocations, so it is necessary to know which county you live in. After you understand which county you live in, you then need to find which NOAA Weather Radio transmitters your radio can hear. On some radios, it will automatically find the strongest signal and tune to it for you. If you need assistance figuring out which county you live in, click the button below NOAA Weather Radio transmitters operate on the following frequencies: 162.400, 162.425, 162.450, 162.475, 162.500, 162.525, and 162.550. Proceed to the next section to see the specific counties the Alabama NOAA Weather Radio Transmitter covers. From there, you can find the SAME/FIPS code that can be programmed into your radio so it only sounds for specific counties.

NOAA Weather Radio Transmitter Index

Listed below is every NOAA Weather Radio (NWR) transmitter in the state of Alabama, in a west to east fashion. The primary image will show where the transmitter is located and the Counties covered. The SAME/FIPS codes are required by NWR's.