Alabama Weather Prediction Thanks You

Before reading the requirements and regulations for our Team, all of us here at Alabama Weather Prediction want to thank you for your interest in wanting to join our Team. We believe there is a spot for everyone on our Team.


  • Age Requirement: 18. No exceptions.
  • SKYWARN/Spotter Network Requirement: Proof is required in our application process.
  • Knowledge: Basic knowledge of how to read the radar, Outlooks, and NWS products. Basic stuff.
  • External Accounts: A Slack account is required for communication, a Messenger account is recommended for backup, Twitter account is required as this is our primary social media account.


  • You will not issue Warnings, Watches, or Advisories of your own. This includes “Code Red” or “Code Blue” nonsense.
  • You will not impersonate any other member of the NWS, media, or any other living being on the face of the Earth. You are you.
  • You will not use any of your social media accounts for anything illegal
  • You will not post anything illegal on our website. Cloud porn is the only exception.
  • You will not say anything online that your mother would not approve of.
  • You will not harass any of the Team members on Facebook Messenger. This will result in being banned.
  • You will be kind to all of our fans and followers. Everyone is different, and not everyone has the same knowledge when it comes to the weather
  • You will notify the Team if you need to take an extended leave of absence. We understand that real life is the priority over the weather.
  • You will have a great time and learn amazing things while on this Team.