Get Connected!

Use the buttons or QR code below to connect to their respective network. If on a mobile device you can press and hold the image to open it.

Additionally, you may contact us using the form provided and you will hear back from us ASAP. 

Connecting to IEMChat - Jabber/XMPP Server

In addition to our live chat room, we encourage all users to connect to our Jabber chat room where not only can you chat with our Team members, but you will receive real-time updates from the National Weather Service and Storm Prediction Center. This can be a critical internet source!


Option 1 – Use the Web

The most simple and convenient way to connect to our chat room is to use the service. Let’s get you connected and into our conference room.

  • Step 1 – Navigate to
  • Step 2 – Login or proceed anonymously.
  • Step 3 – On the top left sidebar select Join Group Chat.
  • Step 4 – Find awpwxchat and double click to join

Logging in allows you to have your own username and to save bookmarks, in addition, it gives you the ability to automatically join the group chat when you login, but this is optional.

Option 2 – Use a Client - Preferred, Recommended Method

This does require registering on the server!

Choose from a list of Jabber/XMPP clients, our personal favorite is Pidgin, but you can also use something like Mozilla Thunderbird, which also serves as an open-source e-mail/chat client. 

  • For conference server, put
  • For username and password, put in the username and password you created.
  • For conference group/chat, put awpwxchat

Slack serves as our primary method for communication as we discuss severe weather events amongst Team members and other enthusiasts. Users are welcomed to submit a request to join our Slack Workspace.

Request Slack Access

Disclaimer: Do not enter anything too personal in any of these fields. AWP Team member reserves the right to deny access to our Workspace without notice. Abuse of this form will result in a ban. 

Use this form to contact us directly. We will contact you via e-mail with a response ASAP. Abuse of this form will result in a ban from our website.