We are Alabama Weather Prediction, a group of weather enthusiasts, geeks and nerds that share the same purpose – bringing the severe weather you want to know about into one centralized location. Get to know more about our Team by hovering over their avatar below.

Andrew Kratochvil

Nowcaster, Webmaster

Benjamin Appleby

Nowcaster, Webmaster

Andrea Hinkle


Jacob Hamilton

Nowcaster, Webmaster

Justin Gentry



Responsible for getting the information from reliable sources, such as the National Weather Service, Storm Prediction Center and other reliable media outlets, relaying them to our social media accounts and arena.im.


Handles managing the website, keeping posts, and content up-to-date. Handles any modifications, issues, and resolves them promptly. 


Handles the messages on our Facebook Page and Messenger account be either replying to them or assigning them to the necessary Team member. 


Assists with testing features, designs, elements on our Staging website before they are pushed to our Live site. 

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