All Team Members must be at least 18 years old. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Team Members must have passed the Spotter Network Test and/or by SKYWARN certified. Proof of this may be requested when you hear back from the Team prior to submitting the application.

Good knowledge of radar data is required to be on this Team. This includes knowing reflectivity, velocity, and dual-pol products, as well as how radars operate. Common sense in dealing with the public and how to handle them is also needed.

  • A Twitter account is required to communicate with our fans and followers on Twitter, which is our go-to social media platform.
  • An active Facebook Messenger is required for communication. This does not require an active Facebook account, only Messenger.
  • We highly recommend a ClickUp account since this is where we coordinate weather events and projects
  • A Slack account is required for the application process, and we use Slack to communicate about events.