SUMMARY: We have been highlighted in a Level 3/5 Risk for severe thunderstorms Friday night into Saturday morning. The hazards include damaging winds, tornadoes, large hail, and flash flooding.

AREAS AFFECTED: All of our Coverage Zones of north and central Alabama.

TIMING: 10:00 PM Friday until 3:00 AM Saturday


  • Tornado | Low | High
  • Damaging winds | High | High
  • Large hail | Medium | Medium
  • Flash flooding | Medium | High
  • Non-thunderstorm winds > 30 MPH | High | High


A severe weather outbreak is forecast to occur across the Lower Mississippi Valley Friday evening, before moving into our neck of the woods later in the night. The tornado risk is undoubtedly higher across Mississippi, with a decrease in STP parameters throughout the night. It will turn into a low-but-not-zero threat when the storms arrive here. The highest tornado risk is at the AL/MS state line. Typical, right?

SCP parameters remain high state-wide with the cluster storms, which by the way look to be coming in the form of a line. Can’t rule out a few discrete supercells but the overall look at HRRR runs is not showing this across Alabama. Unfortunately as is the case it’s a wait-and-see scenario.