Welcome To The New Alabama Weather Prediction Website

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Hello Fans and Followers! We have some very exciting news to share with you – and you can probably see it right away. After months of work, our Team is excited to bring you a brand new shiny website.

Powered by WordPress 6 and PHP 8, you can bet this website will run better than ever. Every page has been re-written in a block-style format with WordPress’ built-in editor. There are so many fewer things loading now making this website the fastest it’s ever been. Don’t believe me? I just ran a test and we scored a 99/100!

Navigate around, look at how things have changed, see our updates right in the footer on all pages, see how beautiful our SPC Dashboard is now, the improvements never stop!

Full list of changes:

After months of testing and receiving feedback, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new websitepowered by WordPress 6.0, and PHP 8.0.
The website features a new theme – Blocksy, which works side-by-side with WordPress’ Gutenberg editor. That’s right! Everything on the website is now a block! So while you’re browsing around, keep in mind all the blocks! 

Brand New Appearance

Say hello to our new theme – Blocksy. Most of the colors are the same as before – except many of the animations and “extras” were taken out. Users should now notice a much more comfortable, simple experience. 

Speed and Optimization

These are key when running a website. No one wants a website that takes too long to load. So with that in mind, many, many elements were removed. We’ve reduced the number of Plugins from 22 to 13. This means fewer queries, less loading – and a better overall user experience. 

New Tab System

Across several different Pages on the website, tabs were created via the WP Tabs plugin. It’s especially more noticeable on our NOAA Weather Radio Page 

New Form System

Provided right by our awesome host WPMUDev – Forminator Pro now powers our forms, which can be seen on our Contact and Application Pages. 

All the Background Fixed and Optimizations

  • The Twitter feeds now load properly with the new Twitter Gutenberg block.
  • Cookie notice is included with Blocksy can be dismissed.
  • Turned off comments on Pages.
  • Deleted all media from 2020.
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