12 Tornadoes Confirmed In Central Alabama From 3/30/22 Event

* Tornado #5: Nanafalia Tornado (Marengo County)

Rating:                 EF2
Estimated Peak Wind:    125 mph
Path Length /statute/:  16.96 miles
Path Width /maximum/:   1350 yards
Fatalities:             0
Injuries:               0

Start Date:             03/30/2022
Start Time:             09:35 PM CDT (pending)
Start Location: 	1 NE Slater / Marengo County / AL (pending) 
Start Lat/Lon: 		32.0049 / -88.0851 (pending)

End Date:               03/30/2022
End Time:               09:57 PM CDT
End Location:           Half Acre / Marengo County / AL
End Lat/Lon:            32.1959 / -87.9047

Survey Summary:
A swath of damage was surveyed in western Nanafalia and
determined to be consistent with a strong tornado which
originated in Choctaw County before crossing into extreme
southwest Marengo County. A corridor of uprooted softwood trees
was first observed near the Marengo County line where the trees
were toppled across Blue Rock Road. The tornado tracked northeast
where additional damage was surveyed near the intersection of AL
Highway 69 and County Road 9. This area contained the highest
degree and widest swath of damage noted on the survey where the
tornado was likely at its strongest. There were considerable and
continuous swaths of uprooted hardwood and softwood trees in
addition to multiple snapped trunks. A manufactured home on
County Rd 9 was completely destroyed as the undercarriage rolled
at least 30 yards from its foundation. A brick home next door
also sustained roof damage not only from the winds, but also from
a tree which fell onto the bedroom. The tornado continued
northeast where it removed large portions of the roof and
exterior walls from a single family residence on Highway 10.
Other nearby residences sustained minor damage in addition to
continued tree damage. After the tornado crossed Highway 10, it
nearly paralleled AL Highway 69 as it continued northeast.
Eventually the tornado reached Half Acre Circle where multiple
trees were uprooted and a few residences sustained minor damage.
On County Road 17, an abandoned and structurally unstable
manufactured home was rolled onto its side. At this point,
observed damage indicated that the tornado was likely weakening
before it eventually lifted in the woods just to the east of Half

Tornado #6: Flag Road Tornado (Greene County)

Rating:                 EF1
Estimated Peak Wind:    100 mph
Path Length /statute/:  1.17 miles
Path Width /maximum/:   270 yards
Fatalities:             0
Injuries:               0

Start Date:             03/30/2022
Start Time:             09:38 PM CDT
Start Location:         4 NW Akron / Greene County / AL
Start Lat/Lon:          32.9285 / -87.7809

End Date:               03/30/2022
End Time:               09:40 PM CDT
End Location:           4 SSE Knoxville / Greene County / AL
End Lat/Lon:            32.9353 / -87.7626

Survey Summary:
NWS Birmingham storm survey team determined an EF-1 tornado
touched down near Flag Rd, near and along portions of the Black
Warrior River. The tornado snapped and uprooted dozens of trees,
some of which fell onto residences. Some homes sustained
significant roof damage, with debris blown in a north direction
and splatter on south and east facing walls. The tornado continued
northeast snapping and uprooting more trees near Sims Creek. The
damage path may have continued beyond the last observable point as
there was no further access from there. Further evaluation is

Tornado #7: Adler-Montevallo Tornado (Perry, Bibb and Shelby

Rating:                 EF2
Estimated Peak Wind:    120 mph
Path Length /statute/:  29.46 miles
Path Width /maximum/:   880 yards 
Fatalities:             0 
Injuries:               2

Start Date:             03/30/2022
Start Time:             09:53 PM CDT
Start Location:         5 SW Oakmulgee / Perry County / AL
Start Lat/Lon:          32.7471 / -87.1201

End Date:               03/30/2022
End Time:               10:24 PM CDT
End Location:           University Of Montevallo / Shelby County
/ AL
End Lat/Lon:            33.1086 / -86.8612

Survey Summary:
NWS meteorologists confirmed a tornado damage path from northeast
Perry County to far southwest Shelby County. The tornado began
near the intersection of SR 183 and SR 219 near Adler. Tree damage
was observed, of which became quite significant along Barnette 
Road and Whitetail Road where a wide swath of large pine trees 
were snapped. Several camper units belonging to a hunting club 
were also rolled or destroyed with debris blown downwind. The 
tornado then continued northeastward, causing additional timber 
damage consisting of uprooted and snapped trees. A few residences 
had damage either caused directly by wind or fallen trees. A 
secondary area of significant and widespread tree damage was 
observed just south of Highway 82 near Trio. Trees were uprooted 
and snapped over a distance of one-half mile in width. The tornado
then continued to the northeast, causing additional timber 
damage. A few homes were damaged in Wilton, in the area of Church 
Street due to fallen trees. The tornado dissipated over the 
University of Montevallo campus where a few trees were blown over,
several windows were blown out and some roofing damage was seen 
on a few buildings.

Tornado #8: Holt Lock and Dam Tornado (Tuscaloosa County)

Rating:                 EF1
Estimated Peak Wind:    95 mph
Path Length /statute/:  3.88 miles
Path Width /maximum/:   400 yards
Fatalities:             0
Injuries:               0

Start Date:             03/30/2022
Start Time:             10:10 PM CDT
Start Location:         1 SSW Holt Lock And Dam / Tuscaloosa
County / AL
Start Lat/Lon:          33.2447 / -87.4525

End Date:               03/30/2022
End Time:               10:16 PM CDT
End Location:           2 NNE Deerlick Creek Campgrounds /
Tuscaloosa County / AL
End Lat/Lon:            33.2912 / -87.416

Survey Summary:
The tornado began in a wooded area just east of Holt near
Hurricane Creek. It began to snap and uproot trees as it crossed
Don Drive and Shades Creek Drive. It reached its maximum
intensity on the south side of Holt Lock and Dam based on tree
damage. It crossed the Black Warrior River and continued to snap
and uproot trees at the Deerlick Creek Campground. Here some
trees fell on RVs but the campground received the warning and
most guests took shelter. The tornado continued to down trees on
Deerlick Road as it began to parallel the Black Warrior River,
with more trees down at the end of Port Mayfield Road. The
tornado continued northeastward into an inaccessible area but
based on radar it dissipated before crossing the Black Warrior
River again.