2 Days Of Severe Weather Potential

Primary Hazard(s): Heavy rainfall leading to flooding, severe thunderstorms capable of 60+ MPH winds

Secondary Hazard(s): Tornadoes

Confidence in Hazard(s): High


On Tuesday, severe thunderstorms are possible mainly for central Alabama, with the primary hazards being damaging winds although tornadoes cannot be ruled out. A greater risk more widespread damaging wind gusts will be for areas Pelham points south. Currently, an Enhanced Risk (Level 3/5) is in place for these areas. For the Slight Risk and Marginal Risk areas, this will be a conditional threat. There will also be a great concern for flash flooding as heavy amounts of rainfall move through.

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On Wednesday afternoon, a more widespread threat of severe weather is possible state-wide, especially across north-central Alabama. The potential exists for all modes of severe weather, including tornadoes, damaging winds and hail.