Our Team has been hard at work looking at the website, adding new features, working on improving performance and of course fixing bugs. After about 2 months of work, changes were tested on our Staging website and brought live today. (More on Staging website below in the details)

These changes focus on stability, performance, but of course come with a few new features and layout changes. Highlights of the changes are below followed by the progress of the tasks within ClickUp.


  • New role: Tester! They are able to test features on our Staging website before they are deployed to Live. Get your curious minds applied!
  • Discord: Alabama Weather Prediction now has a Discord server where you can track the progress of our tasks/projects, see the latest NWS feeds/website posts (updated every 10 minutes), along with voice talking and texting and users on the server. Usage of this is entirely voluntary. To get started, click the Connect button on our Discord widget located on the right of each page on the website.
  • Visual improvements throughout: We’ve made several changes to all pages so they’re all more consistent with the new theme that was applied a few months ago. We were really behind like loads of laundry that pile up and pile up, but eventually, we get caught up
  • We’ve taken some things out to reduce loading time across the entire website, such as the Recent Posts slider. Also disabled the Blog widget on the Blog page, because it didn’t make sense to have it there
  • We’ve done some behind-the-scenes cleanups to reduce the load/requests on the website. Very last thing you’ll see at the very bottom just like credits are the last thing you see in a movie because no one really cares about them
  • The Coverage image has been restored and is now optimized for faster loading instead of a blank image showing, and sometimes if it did show you would click it and it would say “the image could not be loaded”

Landing Page changes

About Us Page changes

Application/Application Page changes

  • Combined Requirements and Expectations into a table for less scrolling

NOAA Weather Radio Page changes

  • NWR images restored and optimized
  • Tabs and tables were redone for better explanation and visualization
  • Header sections added to match the website look and feel

SPC Dashboard Changes

  • Added Mesoscale Discussions and Watches
  • Tabbed different sections of the Outlooks

MailPoet Updates

MailPoet is the plugin that sends e-mails and newsletters to Subscribers. Many modifications have been made to the plugin.

Nothing has changed for current users.

Behind The Scene, Super-Duper Secret Classified Top-Secret Changes

With all of the changes below, a comparison was done to see how well it was REALLY working. Techy stuff, don’t look at it or you might get a headache:

  • Hummingbird Pro now does a daily cleanup of post revisions, draft/trashed posts, spam/trashed comments and transients
  • Cleaned up crons – WordPress crons are responsible for running tasks, here’s a comparison of the Live to the Staging website:
  • Posts older than 2 months old have been deleted, mainly because there was media that didn’t exist on our server in them
  • Users of “inactive signup” were removed

Known Issues

Not everything went perfect, a couple of things were planned but didn’t happen or went wrong during the migrate from Staging to Live:

  • Jetpack connect is currently broken
  • Website banner is still not displayed correctly but was planned
  • Hazards Image is still broken, working with Ben to fix this