NOTICE: This information is preliminary and subject to change.

1225 PM CDT Sat Aug 29 2020

...NWS Damage Survey For 08/28/2020 Tornado Event...

.Overview...Surveys confirm two tornadoes in Cullman and Morgan County.

.NW Cullman...

Rating:                 EF1
Estimated Peak Wind:    87 mph
Path Length /statute/:  5.56 miles
Path Width /maximum/:   115.0 yards
Fatalities:             0
Injuries:               0

Start Date:             08/28/2020
Start Time:             05:27 PM CDT
Start Location:         2 NE Sardis / Cullman County / AL
Start Lat/Lon:          34.2436 / -87.1019

End Date:               08/28/2020
End Time:               05:36 PM CDT
End Location:           5 WNW West Point / Cullman County / AL
End Lat/Lon:            34.2865 / -87.0201

Summary: NWS Huntsville storm survey concluded that the damage in
northwestern Cullman County was consistent with an EF-1 tornado
with winds of 87 mph. 

It appeared at the tornado touched down near CR 1069 where it caused 
minor damage to a farm building and
knocked down several small to large tree branches. Damage was
noted far off on a path between CR 1069 and CR 1059.  At CR
1059 several trees were either snapped or uprooted. The most
intense damage was noted with two small farm structures that were
destroyed and a single-wide mobile home that was knocked off its
piers but remained upright. The mobile home remained attached to
its straps and the straps to I-beams. However one I-beam and one
strap were dislodged on the front end of the mobile home. 

The tornado continued between CR 1059 and CR 1082 near the CR
1083 intersection where some more large trees were uprooted. The
tornado likely continued between CR 1082 and SR 157 and then
lifted before reaching SR 157.


Rating:                 EF0
Estimated Peak Wind:    84 mph
Path Length /statute/:  0.22 miles
Path Width /maximum/:   40.0 yards
Fatalities:             0
Injuries:               0

Start Date:             08/28/2020
Start Time:             05:58 PM CDT
Start Location:         2 SE Eva / Cullman County / AL
Start Lat/Lon:          34.3062 / -86.7245

End Date:               08/28/2020
End Time:               06:03 PM CDT
End Location:           2 ESE Eva / Morgan County / AL
End Lat/Lon:            34.3085 / -86.7221

Summary: NWS Huntsville and Morgan County EMA  storm survey
determined damage near Eva, or near the Cullman County and Morgan
County line, was consistent with a strong EF-0 tornado with winds
of 84 mph. 

The tornado itself appeared to have a very small
vortex in the magnitude of approximately 30 to 50 yards. The
tornado appeared to touch down on the Cullman county side where
it caused tree damage in the form of large branches being knocked
down. The maximum sustained damage was noted on the Morgan county
side, on Pentecost Rd. where the tornado destroyed a small storage 
structure built from cinder blocks. This small structure appeared to be
unanchored and not reinforced which led to the collapse of the
walls and the roof. Video evidence from this location also saw
vehicles being lifted up and sat down and a boat being lifted up
and pushed about 3 ft from its location. 

The tornado likely lifted in a field north of Pentecost Rd. 

EF Scale: The Enhanced Fujita Scale classifies tornadoes into
the following categories.

EF0...Weak......65 TO 85 mph
EF1...Weak......86 TO 110 mph
EF2...Strong....111 TO 135 mph
EF3...Strong....136 TO 165 mph
EF4...Violent...166 TO 200mph

The information in this statement is preliminary and subject to
change pending final review of the events and publication in
NWS Storm Data.