A few days have been put into work with updates to our website, they are now complete and can be announced. Without further ado, let’s get to it:

Main Page Modification

The front page has been modified so it is now in pages so everything is not loading all at once. This has significantly improved loading time and should overall improve the user experience. Each page has a layout that is believed to have easy navigation. Some of the icons include lightboxes, which will allow you to view elements without leaving the current page.

Retiring One Builder To Start Another

We no longer use WPBakery Page Builder, instead, we use Themify. WPBakery Page Builder was built into our theme Creativo but was having problems updating which could potentially lead to bugs and flaws, so an alternative had to be found. Each and every page on the website had to be modified as a result. Most of the content remained the same, it may just be in a different layout. Look around, and see the new look and feel on each and every page! Some other changes to point out:

  • NWS Dashboard Page now includes Outlooks for specific CWA’s.
  • Newsletter Page has little content so the font sizes were increased.
  • Contact and Application forms now show correctly.

Behind The Scenes

When Maintenance Mode activates, an awesome new page is now present that constantly loads and automatically enters the website when taken out of Maintenance Mode, so there’s no need to keep checking back or refresh!

Automatic updates of plugins, themes, and WordPress updates has been disabled and are done manually. This is to help free up resources and keep things stable within our hands.

We hope you enjoy these changes! and we hope to interact with you all soon!