Website Now Live Again – More in One Place

Aiming To Prepare, Not To Scare

Website Now Live Again – More in One Place

It has been quite a struggle to get our website stable over the past several months. In the heat of the severe weather season this is definitely not a good thing, but I am proud to say that our website design is “highly likely” to stay the way it is. Best of all – it is all now powered by WordPress, so there is no need to navigate from page to page to see what you might be looking for.

Our front page is now streamlined with information from our Team – from social media accounts, to our Outlook, to our hazardous weather map.

We have also added the power of forums that are powered by PHPBB. We encourage all weather fans to register on the forums and participate in the community discussions. Our forums are not entirely set up as of this writing, but they are ready for registration.

Please note: we may still make changes to our website on-the-fly, but the “initial” setup is complete and users are encouraged to visit it.

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