Test Website Entering Preview Timeframe For Staff

Aiming To Prepare, Not To Scare

Test Website Entering Preview Timeframe For Staff

This is a notice to all users that the current Test website for Alabama Weather Prediction is now entering a preview timeline for all Staff members. This currently means that the initial setup is done, but the floor is opening up to ideas from our Staff members. We will also take this time to finish the set up on Plugins such as SEO.

For Team Members: Run about the Test site, look for mistakes, errors, etc, try to correct them but if you’re not able to get in contact with another Member so it can be corrected.

For the Public: We encourage all users to enjoy the new experience of the Test website, but feedback will not be taken for another week.

What’s Next? Hopefully after a week of ideas and feedback being thrown on the table from the Team, we will quickly get them sorted out and enter a Public Preview timeframe for everyone to provide feedback. After that week, we hope to bring the Test website live and replace the original.

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