Solar Eclipse Preparation

Aiming To Prepare, Not To Scare

Solar Eclipse Preparation

The time is getting nearer for the first Solar Eclipse since 1979. Many people are excited, many are anxious for the event, others are unsure and some simply don’t want to take part in it. Whether you want to see it or not is a personal choice, but it is going to happen.


The Maximum Eclipse time might be the best time to go outside where it will be most noticeable. Be sure to keep an eye on other things that you typically don’t see at night, like certain animals coming out… or city lights changing, or cars crashing into ea– wait, you see that everyday.

Location Partial Eclipse Begins Maximum Eclipse Partial Eclipse Ends Time Zone Obscuration
Florence, AL 11:57 AM 1:28 PM 2:54 PM CDT 95.52%
Russellville, AL 11:57 AM 1:28 PM 2:55 PM CDT 94.43%
Fayetteville, TN 11:59 AM 1:30 PM 2:56 PM CDT 98.21%
Huntsville, AL 12:00 PM 1:30 PM 2:56 PM CDT 97.86%
Cullman, AL 12:00 PM 1:30 PM 2:57 PM CDT 94.69%
Winchester, TN 12:00 PM 1:31 PM 2:56 PM CDT 98.95%
Fort Payne, AL 12:02 PM 1:32 PM 2:58 PM CDT 97.21%
Birmingham, AL 12:00 PM 1:32 PM 2:58 PM CDT 92.6%
Haleyville, AL 11:58 AM 1:29 PM 2:56 PM CDT 93.7%
Anniston, AL 12:02 PM 1:34 PM 3:00 PM CDT 94.6%
Tuscaloosa, AL 11:59 AM 1:31 PM 2:57 PM CDT 90.4%
Centre, AL 12:02 PM 1:33 PM 2:59 PM CDT 96.4%
Clanton, AL 12:02 PM 1:33 PM 3:00 PM CDT 90.6%
Auburn, AL 12:04 PM 1:36 PM 3:02 PM CDT 91.7%
Demopolis, AL 11:59 PM 1:31 PM 2:58 PM CDT 87.6%
Montgomery, AL 12:03 PM 1:35 PM 3:01 PM CDT 89.6%
Troy, AL 12:04 PM 1:36 PM 3:02 PM CDT 88.2%




You will need special Solar Eclipse glasses to see this. Because if you don’t you are risking serious eye injury. ¬†

NO TAKING PICTURES! Final note, the full eclipse will only last for a few moments. If you try to spend time taking the perfect picture, you are going to miss out. NASA and other photographers get paid to take the perfect pictures, you don’t. Enjoy the moment.


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