Reasons to Join our Discord Server

Aiming To Prepare, Not To Scare

Reasons to Join our Discord Server

Through the past severe weather evnet,s you may have noticed on social media that we have encouraged all people to join our Discord server. Many people may ask questions from “what is Discord?” to “Why do you use Discord for communication?”

Plain and simple – it’s free, joining is a click away and it’s a very powerful platform. There are also a lot of things that have been integrated to make our Discord server your true one-stop source for weather you want to know for our coverage area.

How about a full list of breakdowns for reasons to join?

  • Things are separated

There are separate channels on the server to keep things organized. For example, you may see announcements/news in one channel, and see severe weather coverage in another, instead of things all jumbled up in one spot. Here’s our list of channels:


  • We have a lot, and I mean of LOT of integrations

We’ve integrated powerful services onto our server, from Twitter to RSS feeds. And as of recently, we’ve even integrated WordPress into it so when a new post is made it will show it in a channel.

  • NWS text products are integrated into 2 channels

Products from the National Weather Service in Huntsville and Birmingham are posted on our server in near real-time (sometimes up to a minute delay). This is outside of Twitter integration, instead it uses RSS feed from the IEM website. Look at this beautiful slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • Discord has apps for every device

From a Windows, Max or Linux-based PC, to an Android, to an iPhone, Discord has an app for you – and they’re all free. Find the app for your device at

  • Registration just requires a username. Nothing else

A lot of services require you to authenicate with a phone number or through different methods. Not Discord, it’s as easy as creating a username, verifying through e-mail and poof, you’re all set.

  • You choose when, and how to get notified. And WE choose when to notify YOU

Not all of us want to be notified when we make an announcement for the website, or the team. We get it. Some of us only want to know when a tornado has been confirmed on the ground, or if a Severe Thunderstorm Watch is issued. Everyone has their own preference. With Discord, you can choose to mute channels, and you can receive notifications on any of your apps, even when you’re away from the computer! Or not, you can turn that off, too.

Additionally, with the mention system that Discord has, if we find that some, or some of our specific users on Discord need to be notified about something, we can do an @everyone mention to send a notifications to their device. We only use this to get people’s attention. We have no intention of spamming your device. No one likes spam, I prefer tuna.

Not to worry, you can turn off notifications alltogether if you never want to be notified anywhere. That’s just how awesome Discord is, and that’s why I choose it for our primary communication method.

  • Fun for everyone!

Of course, you can do other things besides talk weather on our server. You can sit there and chit-chat about anything. Talk about how awful your boss is, give us ideas… have fun with the AWPBot we put in!

Want an example?

We recently covered a severe weather event in our #severe channel on Wednesday, February 8th. Here’s a slideshow to show how the event was covered.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you can see, my own Twitter account was integrated into our #severe channel, so you were seeing the automated updates that were posted onto my Twitter account as well as what I posted. Of course, if you didn’t want to be notified for this or see less (or more) automation, you could go into a separate channel!

So what are you waiting on, come on and join our Discord server! It’s seriously only a click away to join our server. You can either navigate to the bottom of the page and click the purple Join Server button, or go to and click Connect. We all hope to see you there soon!



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