Hytop (HTX) Radar Continues To Have Issues

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Hytop (HTX) Radar Continues To Have Issues

Update 3/8/17 5:40PM. 

HTX radar is experiencing a transmitter failure, previously the radar was ruled “inoperable”. Here are the latest updates:

Message Date:  Mar 08 2017 22:39:38

The transmitter has failed at KHTX, and the radar will be down until further not
ice. /DD
1058 UTC:  The WSR-88D in Hytop AL (KHTX) has become inoperable. Technicians are
 already scheduled to KHTX today and we will provide an update on the radar's st
atus later today. - NWS Huntsville
Message Date:  Mar 07 2017 15:32:43

KHTX is now operational and running at about 60% of optimal power. Technicians w
ill finalize repair work at the site on Wednesday to bring the system back to op
timal settings.
Message Date:  Mar 06 2017 05:33:34

KHTX WSR-88D is back up but technicians are still evaluating its performance in 
an undependable maintenance operating mode. Technicians will continue work on it
 tomorrow (March 6th).

The HTX radar out of Hytop, AL has been experiencing a lot of issues lately. According to the following post on Facebook, efforts have been going on to fix the radar have been unsuccessful:

The latest updates on the radar in chronological order:

0115 UTC (715 PM CST) Update:  The WSR-88D in Hytop AL (KHTX) remains down.  Att
empts to repair the radar have not been successful.  Additional support is being
requested to troubleshoot the problem.  - NWS Huntsville
Message Date:  Mar 01 2017 20:16:59

KHTX has gone down at 2 PM. We are working with our technicians to restore opera
tions as soon as possible.
Message Date:  Feb 28 2017 20:16:56

THE KHTX WSR-88D radar has been placed into Standby mode due to some overheating
 parts. Technicians are still working on the issue. We will pass along further i
nformation as we receive it.

The latest message regarding the radar status can be found here http://forecast.weather.gov/product.php?site=NWS&issuedby=HTX&product=FTM&format=CI&version=5&glossary=0

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