[How-to] Connect to our Chat Room

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[How-to] Connect to our Chat Room


We encourage all users to come and talk in our chat room, because products from the National Weather Service will be posted in real-time. It also serves as a “one stop chat room” for our users”. There are 2 options you may use to connect to our chat room.

Option 1: Weather.IM Live

  1. Simply connect your browser to weather.im/live where you will be met with this page:


The instructions in the image above should help you reach a decision in your next option.

2. Join our chat room by clicking the Join Group Chat on the sidebar. Enter awpwxchat when the dialog appears:

2016-05-15_1544 2016-05-15_1548

After clicking Join Room you will now be in our chat room, where real-time messages from the National Weather Service will appear. One of our team members is likely to be in the chat room, saying their name will send them an alert. so long as they are not currently idle.

Option 2: Jabber-enabled Client

There are a list of available clients that support Jabber/XMPP, but Trillian is the one we recommend the most. It’s very user-friendly and simple to customize, and best of all is free to use. These instructions will be made for Trillian.

Note: You will have to have made an account on the weather.im server for these instructions to work

  1. Download Trillian. You may also use Trillian on the web if you do not wish to install software on your phone.
  2. Once installed, add a new account by going to the main Trillian interface, click Settings, Advanced, Accounts, and Add New Account


3. You will need to enter in your weather.im credentials to connect to the server. The username is username@weather.im, and your password is your weather.im account password.


4. Once connected, you will need to join the chat room by clicking the Jabber icon in the main Trillian interface, find your weather.im account, and click Join a Conference.


Enter awpwchat for the chat group to join. Make sure conference.weather.im is the server.


After clicking Join, you will now enter our chat room.

You can mess around with the Trillian options to customize notifications, change the interface, etc. This tutorial is only to show you how to connect to our server. Should you decide to make a Trillian account you can find me on there: alstormtracker. Also feel free to send me a message on Twitter, I respond very quickly on there.

See you on the chat side!


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