Guide to Discord Server

Aiming To Prepare, Not To Scare

Guide to Discord Server

Before joining our Discord server, there are a few things to know. First things first, Discord is primarily for gamers, and it may appear that way. The customization, functionality, and the various ways to communicate across all devices is what made it our primary communication platform.

  • Creating Your Account

Before connecting to our server you will need to make an account with Discord. If you attempt to connect to our server without being logged in, you will be taken to the login screen where you can either log in or create a new account.


  • Obtaining Discord Application

While Discord does have a way to connect to servers via the web, and you can still receive notifications if you leave your browsers running while you are logged in, the benefits of having the application are not the same, such as a constant login and receiving notifications for certain channels on your smartphone device. The downloads for PC and smartphones can be found at

  • Connecting to Our Server

After logging in with either your current or new account, you will then connect to our Discord server. Here’s an image, and a breakdown of what you see:


Friends Online – Within Discord you have the option to “friend” people. You can choose to only receive private messages from friends, this comes in handy.

Server List – You can connect to multiple servers on Discord, the list shows here. If this is you’re first time connecting you will only see the AWP server.

Server Text Channels – Only text messasges can go in these channels. Each channel is separated for specific topics.

Server Voice Channels – There are a few voice channels on our server where you can connect and speak over voice. Please note, you can only be connected to one voice channel total at a time. If you are connected to a different server it will disconnect you before letting you join this one.

  • Receiving Notifications

One of the great features that Discord has is receiving notifications. Not all users want to be notified for everything, though. It can get kind of annoying. Discord has the option to receive only certain notifications, and you can manage them by navigating to the top left corner of the screen where you see the server name, click the dropdown followed by Notifications Settings:


By default, our server is set to only notify you if you are mentioned specifically, but this includes an @everyone mention. These settings are server-specific.

  • FAQ

If I am logged in on multiple devices, will I receive notifications on both devices?

No! You will only receive notifications on your mobile device if you are signed out, or away from your PC.

How do I get marked as away?

You can either mark yourself as away manually by clicking your avatar in the bottom left corner, or Discord willl automatically mark you as away after 15 minutes of no PC activity (typing, mouse movement etc.)


What if I do not want to get notified on my phone, only my desktop?

In the notification settings simply uncheck the Mobile Push Notifications option.

I see a “Playing so and so game under someone’s name, what does this mean?

Discord is primarily a platform for gamers, so it automatically detects if a game is being played and displays it for other gamers.

Why was a gaming platform chosen for a chat method?

Because it’s free, it’s easy to get, and it has powerful features that are already being taken advantage of. Want the full rundown? Clicky.


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