Deletion of Discord Server Scheduled For April 12th

Aiming To Prepare, Not To Scare

Deletion of Discord Server Scheduled For April 12th

As part of our efforts to move to Slack, the decision to remove our Discord server is final. There hasn’t been much activity on Discord but the server will still be removed formally in a step-by-step process instead of “immediately”. These are the steps we will follow.

  • March 31– All integrations within Discord will be removed. This includes Trello and AWPBot. Basically, automated stuff will stop flowing into the server.
  • April 2– All channels will be removed, and only one will remain named #moved, it will have one pinned message indicating that we have moved to Slack, and will have a link to our website where you can register.
  • April 3-12- The Discord server will only have the #moved channel remaining, and no users will be able to type in this channel, it will simply be a courtesy message.

By midnight April 13th (Thu) the server will be deleted. At this time it will probably be about 10:00 PM that Wednesday it will be removed.

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