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Alabama Weather Prediction Team Thanks You

Before reading the requirements and regulations for our Team, all of us here at Alabama Weather Prediction want to thank you for your interest in wanting to join our Team. We believe there is a spot for everyone on our Team.


  • All Team Members must be at least 18 years old. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  • A Discord account is required since it is our primary source of communication. You can get in contact with us by simply clicking the Join Server under the Discord widget on the top left of the website.
  • A Twitter account is required to communicate with our fans and followers on Twitter, which is our go-to social media platform.
  • Team Members must have passed the Spotter Network Test and/or by SKYWARN certified. Proof of this may be requested when you hear back from the Team prior to submitting the application.
  • Good knowledge of radar data is required to be on this Team. This includes knowing reflectivity, velocity, and dual-pol products, as well as how radars operate.


The do's and don'ts for the Alabama Weather Prediction Team. By submitting your application you agree to these expectations. You will not:

  • Issue Warnings, Watches, or Advisories of your own. This includes "Code Red" or "Code Blue" nonsense.
  • Impersonate any other member of NWS, media, or any other living being in the face of the Earth. You are you.
  • Use any of your social media accounts for anything illegal
  • Use anyone else's information and call it your own. That's stealing. Which is illegal.
  • Post anything illegal on our website. Cloud porn is the only exception.
  • Say anything online that your mother would not approve of.

You will:

  • Be kind to all of our fans and followers. Everyone is different, and not everyone has the same knowledge when it comes to weather.
  • Notify the Team if you need to take an extended leave of absence. We understand that real life is the priority over the weather.
  • Notify the Team within Discord if you make any changes to the website that have not been approved.
  • Have a great time and learn amazing things while on this Team.

Available Positions

  • Nowcaster- Responsible for keeping an eye on the radar and providing the information as quickly as possible to the public. Also responsible for relaying any information received from the NWS, including product updates, etc.
  • Forecaster- Responsible for looking at model data and coming up with the Outlook. Should also be made in accordance with NWS/SPC Outlooks.
  • Website Manager- Responsible for keeping the website looking good and keeping it secure. Also has administrative permissions on the website.
  • Discord Moderator- Has admin privileges on our Slack server so can carry out additional tasks, such as moderating messages, media, etc. Responsible for keeping the Slack Team in good shape.
  • Trello Administrator- Responsible for creating, assigning, and completing tasks within Trello.
  • Social Media Manager- Responsible for getting reliable messages out on social media, primarily Twitter.
  • Live Blogger- Keeps things updated on our 24liveblog account
  • Graphics Designer- For the creative ones, responsible for keeping our graphics looking good. Including headers, avatars, logos, etc.

Application Start

You now know everything expected here at Alabama Weather Prediction, the roles we play, and what we do to get the information out there. Please take your time in filling out this application. Please also allow up to 48 hours for a Staff member to read your application before submitting another one. If you continue to have issues or have any questions, contact Andrew: andrew [AT]

Fields marked with * are required

A valid email address for us to reach you at
Select all the positions you are interested in
How did you hear about us? (Select all that apply)
Check to confirm you are at least 18 years of age
You will be asked to provide evidence upon contact fromm a Team member
Only select if you are interested in the Nowcaster or Forecaster role
Let us know a little more about you, your weather-interested background, etc. before submitting your application
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