Your Opinion Matters On Our Potential Return to Discord

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Your Opinion Matters On Our Potential Return to Discord

The Team has been discussing a potential return to Discord away from Slack due to multiple reasons:

  • Slack offers the same features but limits how many you can have, then you have to upgrade your Team

The larger your Team gets, the more it costs you. This could be a problem if we get too many users.

  • Discord offers a more friendly way to attract more users. A simple widget on the website and a click of the connect will get you connected.

Slack is invite-only and requires you to fill out a form in which a Team member has to read and send you an invite by email and you have to read that email and yeah it's too long of a process.

  • Discord offers voice chat features- this is very important

Slack only offers this on the upgraded tiers. Free is good.

We would very much like to hear the public's opinion on this matter. At this point it is planned to go ahead and move to Discord because of the easier user experience. This will of course prompt many changes on the website.

You can voice your opinion by using the Disqus comment system below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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