We’ve Turned To The Dark Side

Aiming To Prepare, Not To Scare

We’ve Turned To The Dark Side

Oh, hello! You’ve clicked the link for the new blog post. Chances are if you have been here before, you’ll notice things are quite different now. There’s one reason for this change: content was too hard to read before, it is now much simpler.

Overall, the theme has not been changed, a new color scheme was simply selected and tweaked. The same content is still available, it just looks different, hopefully in a good way. A few side notes to notice:

  • For writers- the issues with sharing to social networks has been fixed with Jetpack.
  • The code for 24lilveblog has been updated both on the front and Live page, along with with the button for the live event.

I would like to apologize on my behalf for not updating this before the Team started tracking Hurricane Nate on 10/7. Those on mobile devices may have not been able to see our event.

If you have any feedback, feel free to sign in with Disqus and leave a comment. Or why not join us on our Discord server?


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