We’re Moving Back To Discord

Aiming To Prepare, Not To Scare

We’re Moving Back To Discord

We at Alabama Weather Prediction are always looking for better ways to communicate with both our Team and our followers. We have been testing using Slack for several months now, and while our Team members are communicating frequently, but we have not gained any “public fans” on our Slack Team. Not to mention, we’re at the point where Slack wants us to pay for our Team, and if we get to the point where our Team gets larger, we end up having to pay more.

Trying different methods of communication often requires trial and error. At one point, Discord was our primary method of communucation, but then Slack was suggested, and it did seem to make sense for our Team. But I myself am guilty of not thinking of the general public as a whole when it comes to interaction. Things need to be easy.

Over the next week or so, you will begin to see changes on our website as we make the swap over. For example, some pages may change, things from Slack will disappear, and oh hey look a new Widget was just made in the header of the website so you can easily join.

The odd fact remains that Discord is primarily for gaming, but this is okay. It offers a slick, easy to use interface, it has voice chat connections and it has powerful integrations that can be used. We as a Team believe this is for the best that we switch back to Discord, and we hope to see you all there!

You can easily click the widget at the top of the website to join the server. A Discord account is required. The widget is also pasted below:

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