Website Upgraded and Updated

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Website Upgraded and Updated

Not too long ago that the announcement was made that we would be migrating to a WordPress website. WordPress offers hundreds of features to make an amazing website. Over the past few days I have been settings up new features on this website, here is a list of all the features that are now included on the website:

  • Registration is now open

Registration was closed for a short time due to multiple spambots registering at once which caused the website to hit its resource limit. A new captcha plugin was added to prevent any further spambots from registering and registration is now open for all users.

  • One account for everything – including the forums

Our forums are now powered by a simple plugin that integrate with WordPress. Simply register an account and you will have access to our forums.

  • Social all throughout

Not many people like to use forums for discussions, which is understandable – they are sort of obsolete nowadays. That is why there is something new called Buddypress that makes portions of our website like a social media platform, where you can update your status, others can comment… you get the idea. Check out our Activity page to see more of this. I personally think many users that register will enjoy this feature.

  • Clef logins

Users can now login without a password once they associate Clef with their account. Instead of entering a password, you simply scan the screen with your smartphone and it logs you in for an X amount of time.

  • Internal upgrades

I’ve upgraded our resource usage for an overall better performance throughout the entire website, so hopefully the website will continue to run at peak efficiency.

Any feedback you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Feedback can be provided on our Forums.


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