Tracking Mode is now Severe Mode

Aiming To Prepare, Not To Scare

Tracking Mode is now Severe Mode

A recent change has been made with AWP to avoid any possible confusion. What was previously known as “Tracking Mode” is not “Severe Mode”, it will either be set to Active, Inactive, or Possible. A full explanation as to how severe works can be found in the Severe Mode page, but it was also be explained below.

Severe Mode is activated when our Team believes that at least one or more members will need to actively be watching the weather due to a severe weather event. This page will be your one-stop source for our severe weather coverage should Severe Mode be activated. We will activate Severe Mode if:

  • A Watch is in place, and we have more than one active Team member (one to watch the radar/Warnings & one to monitor social media otherwise we will not activate Severe Mode)
  • Severe weather is occurring or imminent, even if a Watch isn’t in place and we have more than one active Team member

We will consider Severe Mode and mark it as possible if:

  • Severe weather is possible for the next week
  • Portions of the area are placed in a severe category by the Storm Prediction Center of any kind for the next week, we will at least consider Severe Mode and if we are unable to activate we will indicate this in our Outlook

Severe Mode will be inactive if we do not anticipate any severe weather for the next week.


As also noted on the page, any information for Severe Mode will be hidden in the event we need the Page for links, live streams, chat etc.

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