Renovation Planned Throughout the Month

Aiming To Prepare, Not To Scare

Renovation Planned Throughout the Month

Throughout the month of February (roughly before the start of the severe weather season), the Team and I plan on re-doing our website and perhaps the way we operate. This is just a courtesy notice that things may change until March. These are the preliminary changes that are on the table. Please note, none of these are final, and nothing has been changed as of this day. It will be discussed with our entire Team before any changes are made.

No individual posts will be made if any changes are made. We will only make any changes to the website when there is no severe weather active, so Severe Mode will need to be inactive. We will revert back changes if needed.

  • Possibility of removing our Outlook
  • A new website redesign is almost certain, and we will once again try to centralize everything into one place rather than scattered onto
  • Moving away from Zello
  • With Discord and Twitter our primary platforms for communication, we will include Periscope for periodic weather coverage – rather than an entire video.
  • A new slogan or “phrase” is almost certain
  • New graphics/avatars are possible

Again, this is a courtesy post. For keeping up to date with any changes, it is strongy recommended to be on our Discord server as it runs outside of the website. In the event the website is taken down and you want to communicate with us, Discord is the way to go. Changes could be made with little to no notice outside of Discord.

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