Refining and Simplifying our Outlook

Aiming To Prepare, Not To Scare

Refining and Simplifying our Outlook

Over the past few days feedback has been received for our Outlook, with things such as “there’s too many numbers”, “it’s too complicated”, or “it’s too similar to NWS”. With the changes made to our Outlook over the past few days, we’re taking away the use of numbers and going with 3 simple terms: LowMedium, and High. Just like a fan.

First off, the Outlook table is now simplified into 4 columns, showing the hazard that we expect, the timing we expect the hazard, how confident we are that the hazard will occur, and how widespread we expect the hazard to be. Remember all of these use the “Low to High” scale.

This is our current Outlook table. As you can tell, the summary of the outlook remains the same, but the table is much simpler. Instead of listing every hazard over the next seven days and the likelihood, we will manually type it in and show how confident we are in it, the timing we expect it, how confident we are in it to occur, and how widespread we expect it to be.

Please note: this outlook remains in the testing phases. Feedback is appreciated, and many changes can still occur.

We hope you enjoy these changes to the Outlook in all hopes that it makes things simpler to understand.

Outlook Table

No hazardous weather is expected over the next seven days.
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