Our Long-Awaited Renovation is Complete

Aiming To Prepare, Not To Scare

Our Long-Awaited Renovation is Complete

After about 3 months of work, I am proud to say that the renovation to our website and Team is complete. There are some exciting new features to talk about.

First, let it be noted that in the past 24 hours we did not receive any feedback regarding what was done during our renovation, so these changes are final.

We’ve started using Trello

Let’s face it, there’s a lot going on and sometimes we forget to do stuff. That’s why we started using Trello, to keep things organized, and as you can tell, we’ve been pretty busy.

We’ve added more content to the front page, and centralized it into one column

The front page now contains our Outlook, SPC outlook and the hazard map for our coverage and surrounding areas. They also appear as you scroll down the page, so it’s not all at once.

Live updates are on the front page

There is now a widget with on the front page that will give you updates directly from our Team. Powered by 24liveblog, which is awesome.

Many new pages

We’ve added a Social, Radar, Live, Weather Radio, and Chat page.

All Pages have been re-done

For the non-new ones, they’ve all been re-done from the ground up to match the front page layout.

Disqus comment system

It is no longer requires to create an account on here thanks to Disqus. Simply log in with an account or use your social media account to start commenting!

This is just a quick summary of what has been done. If you’re interested in the full changelog head on over to¬†https://headwayapp.co/awpwx-changes

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