December Beings With A Bang Of Updates

It’s a late December 2nd and things are about to get hectic for the holidays. That’s why a lot of time had to be put into finalizing updates for Alabama Weather Prediction, the Team and its users.

There’s a lot to cover, but we’ll start with one thing at a time.

  • First, and probably. importantly, we have made a return to Facebook;¬†HOWEVER, we have decided that no weather updates will be posted there. This is Facebook’s fault, not ours. Things don’t post in order on News Feeds, this is not cool for weather updates. No one wants to see a Severe Thunderstorm Warning 2 days after it expires. Our Facebook Page is loccated at We’re still somewhat in the process of setting it up but you should like it anyway.
  • Live comments are now live… everywhere. Thanks to the power of 24liveblog, you can now see our live updates we provide on that platform everywhere you go on the website.

Things have been condensed. Many widgets have been put to use to help consilidate information that was spread throughout just every page… ¬†except for the NWR Page. That’s a whole days worth of work.

Front page redesigned. It was pointed out to me by a Team member that it looked like the entire website was blasted onto one Page. Not what we wanted, so the front page now has more information about the other pages and pretty little buttons that will lead you to them.

Extra sidebar. Yup. There’s another sidebar on every page that shows the Hazard map, our Live blog widget and our Discord widget. Which by the way you should totally join our Discord server if you have read this far.

New NWS Dashboard Page. Instead of a separate NWS HWO and NWS forecast page we condensed all of them into one Page and made them purty.

Revised Application. A new contact form widget is being used for the application on our Appliation Page. You can now actually read it!

Discord Server Updates. We’ve taken advantage of and had our way with Discord’s new category system and organized the server and made it more beautiful than a rainbow on a dry rainy day. Oh and we also added SPC updates onto the server. Yay for more weather updates in one place. I still don’t understand why we only have 5 member on this server when it’s full of weather awesomeness and all you have to do is click a button to get there.

Cups of coffee Lots of coffee was put into these updates which causes chickens to run around without heads. A thing or two may have been neglected or missed. So please pardon the chickens and do not cut their heads off they will be back without so much coffee next time.